General Rules of the library:

1) Books, Periodicals or other materials shall not be taken out from the library premises without proper permission.

2) Readers should handle the books and Bound Volumes etc. with care. None can keep the volumes open on the label, or insert note books or pencils in between the pages and closing them. Pages must not be folded to serve as book marks.

3) Defects found in the books and other materials taken out for use or for borrowing should be brought immediately to the notice of the staff on duty.

4) Readers should not 1ntefere with the comfort of other readers, make noise, cause damage to the library property or disfigure or mark with ink or pencil a book, Periodical; CD ROM or any other library material in any way.

5) Users should avoid resting their feet on tables, chairs, shelves, windows sills etc.

6) Smoking in the library premises is strictly prohibited.

7) Books, Bags, Cases, food or drink should not be taken into the library.

8) Necessary Gate Pass must be shown for the documents which are being taken out of the library to the staff at the check point.

9) Books, reading materials, bags etc. must be deposited at the check point and a token must be taken and must be returned at the time of departure.

10) Persons present in the library at any time must identify themselves to the library staff when requested to do so.

11) No broad sheets, handbills, Newspapers, advertisements, or other materials (other than approved official notices of the library or of C.U. be distributed or displayed within the library.

12) Mobile, Pagers and other electronic or automatic alarm devices should be switched off while being taken into the library.

13) Do not move books/theses/Journals from their specific location to another area.

14) Replacement of the documents on shelves is not allowed, the library staff will do the necessary replacement.

15) Please contact the reference and circulation staff for any requirements.