RemoteXs has enabled all leading institutions (academic or research) in optimizing usage of the precious eResources and nurturing research interests of faculty and their students.

RemoteXs has an ability to provide secured access to scattered eResources of the institution, bringing them under one umbrella, along with subscribed eJournals, eBooks and all other eContent, that too anytime …from anywhere.

Our cost-effective cloud-based service model has enabled progressive libraries in creating their own Digital Library Portal with facilities to reach their target audiences in efficient manner.

RemoteXs has also freed institutions from investing and maintaining huge hardware infrastructure of eMail servers, central servers, bandwidth costs, IP address registrations etc. This has helped them to focus on core-academic-activities and use saved funds aptly.

RemoteXs has empowered institutions in systematically imbibing research values among faculty and students and take right steps in creating a knowledge-base of their own.